The Gospel


Sunday - 6PM

It is “Good News”...

And that good news is that you are loved. Loved by the God of the Bible, who created the universe – in all of creation – He loves you!

Creation at its conception was perfect, but then the man and the woman chose to disobey God and broke the perfect relationship between God and creation.

At that moment, God had a plan to make that relationship right again.

He sent His son Jesus to live a 33-year lifespan to point humanity to what it means to be in a relationship with God. He lived in community with people; living life, showing them the way of God, and how to show others the same.

The time came.

He showed us the perfect love, of a perfect God, because Jesus, being God in flesh, laid His life down on a cross, for His all of humanity. He made Himself the perfect sacrifice to right all the wrongs of that first initial act of disobedience.

Now for us today, we have the choice to enter into a relationship with Jesus. When we accept that Jesus is Lord, and God, He accepts us into relationship with Him with open embrace.

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